Last week was the international week of recognition for direct support professionals. 

Jeannette DeLong from EnVision Community Living says it was a great opportunity to celebrate their staff throughout the week. 

“EnVision employs about 350 direct support professionals (DSPs) who are the heart and soul of what we do at EnVision. They're a creative and innovative group of people who just do amazing work and really, they're the people that have given EnVision the reputation that it has for outstanding quality of services.” 

They held various events throughout the week like Monday Breakfast, Tasty Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Thank You Thursday, and Friday You Matter Day. 

On Friday, they wrapped up the week at A.D. Penner Park to bring the team together and celebrate their DSPs.

Alex Minses is a DSP for EnVision who won a provincial award: a DSP of Distinction award for community building. 

He says the work is very rewarding. 

“I like this work because it's a career with a purpose, that assistance and companionship to people with disabilities as they work towards achieving their goals and increasing their independence.” 


With files from Corny Rempel 


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