Niverville Councillor Nathan DueckNiverville Town Council has passed a resolution to appoint a working group in an effort to increase lab and diagnostic services in the community.

The resolution states the Town of Niverville is committed to on-going sustainability of health care related services at Open Health in the Niverville Heritage Centre. Mayor Myron Dyck says councillor Nathan Dueck has been dealing with the Niverville health portfolio for the last few years and with that in mind, they chose him to represent council on the new working group.

Dueck says the working group will build a case for expanded lab and diagnostic services.

"We are currently seeking to determine the amount of activity for lab services could be available in a community like Niverville. We are also looking to find data on how many people within our postal code do get lab tests and we are also getting data to determine diagnostic numbers in our postal code region."

Dueck notes the group will work with Southern Health to glean the necessary data.

"As a community, we have the ability to access that information through Southern Health so yes we hope to have them on board when it comes down to make our process easier but by all means, we will be working with them to effectively acquire that information for our community."

Dueck says Niverville Town Council believes the town is perfectly situated to be a medical hub for their region.