Newly elected Nathan Dueck was sworn into Niverville Town Council on Tuesday evening.

Mayor Myron Dyck gave a big thanks to all three of the candidates who ran in the September 14th byelection.

“To be willing to make that sacrifice and be willing to commit to serve in your community is a true honour and so I say thank you to all who ran. I want to also congratulate Nathan. It is nice to have a full council again. When you are running with one less you do notice it, and it is just great to have a full compliment.”

Dyck recognized the fact that Councilor Nathan Dueck put a lot of focus on transparency and communication during the election campaign. He notes town council is always working toward stronger communication.

“I don't know if the general public understands how hard council and staff work together to be as transparent as we possibly can and to communicate as efficiently and as appropriately and as exhaustively as we can. Can communication be better? Communication can always be better.”

Dyck encourages the residents of Niverville to bring any concerns they have directly to the town councilors or town office.

“If people in the community have a question they can go to, they can email me directly at, all our councilors are first dot last name We would love to talk to you, we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.”

Dyck says their goal is to be as transparent as they are able to be and to communicate as well as they can.