Community members from southeast Manitoba and beyond welcomed fall at the Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) on the September long weekend. 

The annual Fall on the Farm festival returned with demonstrations, activities, food and live entertainment. Executive Director Gary Dyck says they host the event as it allows learning and improves “well-being.”  

“We're so much indoors culture on our screens that to be outdoors, to feel the fall weather, the cooler air, to see the wood being sawed for the winter season, for the vegetables being picked out of the garden and canned and all the different activities that go on at fall in the farm. It just helps your body to realize that yes, fall’s here, we're getting ready, and it just feels good,” Dyck explains.  

From butter churning demonstrations to eating sweet corn on the cob, they offered many activities for visitors to explore and enjoy. 

“You just see everyone's just enjoying themselves, and that's what's always a highlight for me,” he shares.  

On top of all the activities, for the second time ever, they partnered with Summer in the City’s cultural program and showcased cultural performances and food vendors. Performers include Island Breeze, Mason Hoop Dancers, Trio Bembe and more. For food, there were spring rolls, empanadas and discada.  

"It's just a great way to interact with the different cultures in the community and have a great time, great music to kind of kick it off as a great festival,” he says. 

Later this month, MHV will host an event for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Dyck adds they are currently finalizing details for the day.  

“If you need a place to come and ponder and think about settlement and Indigenous relations and how can we work for better relations in our world, we're going to provide something around that time,” he explains.


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