The previously anonymous donors who were kind enough to help out Ste. Anne Arena by matching their funds raised have come forward as Herbert and Sharon Striepe. 

After the Hockeyville rally, Herbert and Sharon Striepe contacted Sarah Normandeau, and committed to matching up to $100,000. 

The couple was super bummed out for the community and wanted to help out. 

Herbert Striepe says he wanted to make this donation as he knew it would leave a long-lasting impression in the community, and that it would impact the lives of many kids to come. 

“I want to give back, it makes me feel good that I can do something so that some kids can play hockey.” 

He says nothing makes him feel better than the act of giving, and shares some advice his mother taught him. 

“Give while you are still alive. And that is exactly what Sharon and I are doing. We can’t take it with us, so let’s give it back.” 

Sharon Striepe is thankful for all the organizers and volunteers who worked extremely hard to pull this off. 

“They did a fantastic job of organizing, selling tickets, and promoting.” 

The Maurice Chaput arena in Ste. Anne will open next year and plans are being put in place to have it running for years to come. 


With files from Dave Anthony