There is no shortage of enthusiasm to raise money to save the Maurice Chaput Arena in Ste. Anne. 

Recreation manager Sarah Normandeau is excited to announce that Jason Kirkness and guests will be performing at the May 27th evening social which will cap off a full day of events for the whole family. 

“And we have DJ Brenton coming with the kids party, bringing all his bells and whistles,” she says. 

There will also be a 4 on 4 ball hockey tournament. All proceeds will go toward the necessary improvements to the arena. 

“The other exciting thing about May 27th is we’re going to get a tally marker,” Normandeau says. “So, you can project it, we're going to do it virtual so kids and families can all get really excited and see this marker move up all day long as things come in and donations.” 

She says this will be a great way for everyone to see how much money is being raised in real time. 

“It's just going to be a great day,” says Normandeau as she visualizes the huge community event. “It’s going to be a kids party all day because we didn't want to leave out the kids. The best part of what Kraft Hockeyville for all of us was watching our youth be so involved and we weren't going to move forward with anything without involving them. So, create something fun for the kids; ball hockey, dance party, all those things, and then we're going to have a little bit of a pause and then it's going to be kind of an adult evening party.” 

There has also been a lot of interest in the $20,000 Mega Bingo which is planned for May 13th. She says advance tickets have been selling fast but there is still the option to get tickets at the door. 

Normandeau is optimistic they can raise the money required for the necessities as well as some extras to make the arena a better place for everyone. 

Fundraisers took place during Kraft Hockeyville, and she says they raised a good amount of money. 

“The pancake breakfast alone raised $3000, and she donated 100% of the proceeds,” Normandeau reports. “And then we also had a lady who did cupcakes, and it was another $682 worth of cupcakes that she sold that weekend, and the list goes on. We had a 50/50 that sold out, that was $3000. So, it all equals about $8,300 and then we got the $25,000 from Kraft Hockeyville. So, we're creeping up.”  

Normandeau says people were having so much fun during the Kraft Hockeyville event that people were starting to toss around ideas for more community events. 

She is optimistic they can raise as much money as necessary to get the arena in great shape. 

By mid-May, Normandeau expects to find out if their grant application was approved through Sustainable Community Development. 

“The application is strong because it's such a huge need,” she says. “So, that would mean that we would get substantial funds from that and then council would have to put up the other half because it's a match grant. That would be $157,000 coming in.” 

Normandeau adds that would be enough money to take care of the ice plant, the heart of the arena. The rest of the funds raised would be used for the extras such as new flooring in the dressing rooms and a better sound system.

-With files from Carly Koop