Council for the Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne is seeking detailed information on the current status of safety improvements to the intersection of Highways 12 and 210. 

Reeve Paul Saindon says they are hearing vague updates for the intersection at Ste. Anne and council is sending a letter to Dawson Trail M.L.A. Bob Lagassé to ask for details. 

“That was the announcement from our local MLA that there was apparently five options to choose from,” Saindon says. “Now, we don't know what those options are and that's why we sent a letter and hoping to get some information because once you make an announcement like that, people want to know what's going to be changing. So, we're just looking for information like anybody else.” 

Saindon says the numerous crashes at that intersection are a clear indication that something needs to be done, as soon as possible. 

“It’s been a very dangerous intersection since it was put up, and truly human error and driving practice that's at fault,” says the reeve. “But at some point, you got to do something in order to keep the errors from being able to happen.” 

Back in January of this year, Lagassé indicated that a safety review was nearing completion. 

In September of 2020, Ron Schuler, Minister of Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure at that time, announced that improvements would be forthcoming. 

In September of 2021, Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure department provided an update stating that an In-Service Safety Review would be conducted of the 12 and 210 intersection. The review was expected to take place over the course of approximately six months. Short-term recommendations were expected to improve safety at the transition area as motorists approach the intersection.

In June of 2022, Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure department is following up with a functional design study in the area of Highway 12 and PR 210, which will include public engagement to select the preferred alternative for improvement. According to the MTI spokesperson, this is anticipated to take approximately six to eight months to complete. As an interim measure, additional incremental improvements are being considered for that intersection.

Saindon and his council are seeking more details on the incremental improvements that are being considered for that intersection.

In an email to Steinbach Online on August 19, 2022, the office for MLA Bob Lagassé responded to our request for information and stated, "MLA Bob Lagassé has been following up with the appropriate government departments regarding this intersection.  At this time we can confirm that the traffic review has been completed and we expect the public consultation to begin in the near future."