Our province continues to contemplate what sort of safety improvements are needed at a busy intersection near Ste. Anne. The intersection of Highway 12 and Provincial Road 210 has been the scene of numerous crashes in recent years. 

In September of 2020, Ron Schuler, who was Minister of Infrastructure, announced five safety measures that his government intended to make. Schuler said that intersection far exceeds what it was designed for and that his department would spend a year designing something safer.

In the meantime, Manitoba Infrastructure said it would add flashing lights on the PR 210 stop sign, rumble strips leading up to Highway 12, a sign indicating a 70 kilometres per hour reduction for eastbound traffic, a stop sign for westbound traffic and refreshed enhanced stop lines. 

One year later, Manitoba Infrastructure provided an update, suggesting an In-Service Safety Review of that intersection would be conducted. The review, which was expected to take approximately six months to complete, was anticipated to provide short-term recommendations to improve safety at the transition area.

Now, a spokesperson for Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure says it has received and reviewed the In-Service Safety Review, which suggests a number of alternate solutions that the department could consider at this location.

The department is now following up with a functional design study in the area of Highway 12 and PR 210, which will include public engagement to select the preferred alternative for improvement. According to the MTI spokesperson, this is anticipated to take approximately six to eight months to complete. As an interim measure, additional incremental improvements are being considered for that intersection.