Steinbach City Council has given the go-ahead for a new residential development at 84 McKenzie Avenue, west of Giesbrecht Street. 

A public hearing was held this week to address an application to rezone the 17-acre property from Development Reserve 1 to Residential Single Family, Residential Low Density and Residential Medium Density to facilitate the development of a residential neighbourhood. 

As the hearing got underway, city administration informed council members that there were no concerns from Community Planning. 

Applicant Waldo Neustaedter spoke at the hearing and said he felt confident the development plan would benefit the city for years to come. 

“We thought we would go for a mixture and diversification, rather than a niche or marketing subdivision,” he told council. “This subdivision has a multi-faceted zoning request to meet a variety of housing needs in our community, namely smaller lots - single family homes, a mix of attached or duplex homes, as well as town homes and some RMD or multi-family sites.” 

Neustaedter also expressed confidence in the plan as it relates to preventing drainage issues for properties surrounding the land proposed for this new development. 

A second public hearing was held to address his application to subdivide the land into 70 lots and allow the opening of Sterling Crescent as well as the extension of Lincoln Avenue. 

“We have incorporated multiple access points to this subdivision to ensure good traffic flow as well as fire protection accessibility,” he said.

During this hearing, there was one person who expressed drainage concerns and had questions regarding the proximity of new homes to her property line. City administration noted that the backyard requirement is 25 feet, the same requirement as the surrounding existing neighbourhood. 

Councillor Damian Penner expressed his approval of the plan, saying that the mixture of lots will be a good fit for the area. 

“Especially with the new school being announced there, in close proximity to education, walking distance for students,” he said. 

Councillor Susan Penner expressed her support for the plan which will include 14 Residential Medium Density lots as well as 12 Low Density lots, plus 44 Single Family lots. 

“It’s really nice to see how that development has provided so many affordable housing options,” she said. 

The plan also includes three areas designated for green space. 

Council approved the application for re-zoning the property, as well as the application for roads and the creation of 70 lots.