The date is changing for Ste. Anne’s annual Dawson Trail Days

Council received a request to move the festival to two weekends past Labour Day, instead of having the community event during the September long weekend.  

Jolene Chuhai chairs the festival committee and explains why they requested the change. 

“For me as a volunteer, I feel that I've been doing it for many years and the only way I think I can commit is by the change of the date. The long weekend is really hard. It's not only that it's the long weekend, but it's nearly impossible to find a really good group of volunteers.” 

Chuhai says they requested 90 volunteers this year and only got half of that.

A group of young volunteers wearing yellow shirts.A large group of teenaged volunteers helped run the Dawson Trail Days activities this year. (Photo Credit: Jolene Chuhai)

“Three quarters of our volunteers were from the ages of 11 to 14, thankfully, and luckily, we got them. But unfortunately, it's impossible to run our festival with teenagers. We need more adults present.” 

Dawson Trail Days will now happen two weekends after the September long weekend. 

Chuhai hopes this will make it easier to recruit volunteers, especially adults. 

Meanwhile, she is happy with how the event turned out this year, especially having residents of the Villa Youville join in the festivities.


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