2022 continues to be a year of growth in Steinbach. 

Councillor Michael Zwaagstra says we are seeing a good mix of development in the city. 

“The permits continue to be strong, [October] is just over $4M in residential, nearly $3M in commercial and industrial and such so we have a total of $7.3M this month and $73M for this year. It is good that we continue to have a balanced approach to development, significant residential and significant commercial development happening as well." 

With that in mind, Mayor Earl Funk says over the course of the whole year we have seen $36.9M in residential development and $36.4M in commercial and industrial development. 

“It shows that not only is our community growing with people but it is also growing with business.” 

Looking specifically at residential building permits, 97 new single and two-family homes have been built since the start of 2022 and permits have also been pulled for 80 new multi-family housing units. 

Councillor Damian Penner welcomes newcomers. 

“I like to showcase this because I like talking about the families that come to our city. Our city is built on families and at 177 year-to-date total dwelling units added, that is a new family every other day so let's make sure that we welcome them.”