Photo courtesy the Manitoba Stampede website showing a bull rider during the 2010 event

Alberta bullfighter Scott Byrne has made his way east this week to take part in the Manitoba Stampede in Morris, after participating in the Calgary Stampede earlier this month. He tells us he had an amazing opportunity when Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the stampede in Calgary. Byrne says,  "I was very fortunate, I got picked as one of three bullfighters to fight bulls for them. They had two sheep riders there and my son, Dillon who is 5, was fortunate enough to fight sheep. And, my son Braydon who is 7, got to go up with him and (they) shook their hands."  He adds, son Dillon told the Duchess she looked pretty.

Byrne says he enjoys making his way to Manitoba for the Big M rodeo. He adds he's been coming here for quite a few years, and the people and atmosphere make it a great experience.

Byrne says he's happy to see the popularity of rodeos increasing here in Canada. He adds new television programs like "Rodeo, Life On The Circuit" can be thanked for this rise in interest.