The Hanover School Board is reviewing a document submitted by the Hanover Parent Alliance for Diversity to the Minister of Education, which calls for six of the nine trustees to be removed from the board. 

Chair Brad Unger has issued a statement to SteinbachOnline, saying, “We are committed to thoroughly understanding the concerns expressed and addressing this matter with the attention and seriousness it deserves.” 

Unger added that the board will further respond as soon as their review is complete. 

He concluded the statement by saying, “The Board remains dedicated to ensuring an inclusive and equitable environment for all our students and staff.” 

The Hanover Parent Alliance for Diversity claims Unger, Jeff Friesen, Shayne Barkman, Lynn Barkman, Dallas Wiebe and Cheryl Froese have violated provisions of the Public Schools Act and should be disqualified from their positions immediately.