Tamarack Gymnastics has been really busy and really successful this year. 

They recently had two of their athletes, 17 year old Lane Peters and 19 year old Declyn Friesen, attend Elite Canada in Calgary, which is a national trampoline competition.  

Lane Peters made the finals in all three events. He got 1st in tumbling, and placed 4th on both Trampoline and Double Mini.  

Lane Peters. Photo credit: Graham Dodd with Elite Canada.Lane Peters with Coach Amanda Pierson. Photo credit: Graham Dodd with Elite Canada.

Coach Amanda Pierson says he also achieved the score to be ranked on Team Canada. 

“So now he is listed on the ranking list for Team Canada, so he can be called up to go on international assignments now.” 

The two athletes are also attending the Canadian Championships in Gatineau, Quebec in June. 

Pierson says normally Canadians in just a trampoline event, but this year it’s a trampoline event, along with women's artistic and men's artistic and rhythmic all combined into one giant event. 

“So our Olympians will be there competing, Ellie Black will be there competing, so they'll see some cool things and also compete at Canadian championships. So that will be a pretty amazing competition.” 

Peters and Friesen are also heading to their first international competition, the Coimbra Gymfest, in July in Portugal. 

Pierson explains it’s recommended that athletes close to being ranked for Team Canada attend an international competition to get ready to go as a Team Canada athlete. 

“I was able to get approval from GymCan and Manitoba Gymnastics for me to take them as club athletes and go and compete so that they can get the experience because they're both trying to make Team Canada in the future.” 

Tamarack also just hosted Provincials two weeks ago where many of their provincial and national level athletes had podium finishes. 

Declyn Friesen also received the Provincial Time of Flight Award. 

Tamarack had seven athletes make Team MB. The seven will be heading to the Western Canada Cup next month in Regina along with two coaches and a judge from their club.  

These are the results from the Tamarack athletes that competed in Provincial Championships: 


Level 1 Trampoline - 2nd Place - Landen Lansard Level 2 Trampoline - 3rd place - Analeigh Klassen  

Level 3 Trampoline - 1st place- Lacey Schroeder 3rd place- Paris Gagnon  

Level 4 Trampoline - 1st place - Declyn Friesen Level 5 Trampoline- 1st place- Lane Peters  


Level 1 Tumbling - 2nd place Anak Hiebert 3rd place Analeigh Klassen  

Level 2 Tumbling - 1st place- Izzy Boer  

Level 3 Tumbling- 1st Place- Monique Wiebe 2nd Place - Adrea Kozak  

Double Mini

Level 1 Double Mini- 3rd place - Landen Lansard Level 2 Double Mini- 1st place - Jax McLean - 3rd place - Analeigh Klassen  

Level 3 Double Mini - 1st Place - Lacey Schroeder - 2nd Place - Izzy Boer - 3rd Place- Paris Gagnon  

Level 5 Double Mini- 1st Place- Declyn Friesen  

Level 7 Double Mini- 1st Place - Lane Peters  

Tamarack Gymnastics athletesBack row left to right: Adrea Kozak, Anak Hiebert, Lane Peters, Analeigh Klassen, Khearra Koeuth
Front row left to right: Lacey Schroeder, Monique Wiebe, Declyn Friesen, Paris Gagnon, Izzy Boer, Landen Lansard, Jax McLean