Director Kristy Penner receives a generous donation from The Chrysalis Fund

The Blumenort Christian Preschool was the recent recipient of a generous donation from The Chrysalis Fund.  The money will go towards new lockers for their third classroom, something both teachers, and children are excited for.  Lindsey Banman and Barb Johnson from The Chrysalis Fund were on site to deliver the cheque and were eager to discuss what The Chrysalis Fund is all about.  The Chrysalis Fund has been offering grants to organizations in Steinbach, and the surrounding communities for 10 years.  The Chrysalis Fund is classified as a women's giving cirlce; every member pays a membership fee of a certain amount of money, and that cumulative interest is then offered up as grants within the community.  Potential recipients must fill out an application form, and then present their funding ideas to the group.  This year, memebership topped 65 women, and seems to be increasing every year.  They were able to give away two grants within the community this past year, and applications for next year are already open.

  The Chrysalis Fund is the brain child of Debbie Krahn and Simone Penner.  They wanted to come up with a way to give back to the commuinty they loved, but also involve more like-minded women. The Chrysalis Fund has been growing ever since.  Their mandate has changed over the years, and broadened to include not just women, children, and community groups, but also families a whole.  

The Chrysalis Fund will be holding a fundraiser on October 24th at the Mennonite Heritage Village.  Fashionable Frocks from Forgein Fields will showcase a Nepalese clothing collection from Ten Thousad Villages, and all proceeds of the event will go towards promotional costs of The Chryailis Fund.  Carly Koop from the Country 107 evening show will be hosting the event!  Info and tickets can be found at