It has been a productive year for road construction in Steinbach. 

A stretch of Barkman Avenue from Henry Street to Beaver Crescent has been under construction since late May

City of Steinbach Engineer Aaron Rach says one of the two Barkman Avenue and Henry Street intersections has been permanently closed as part of the project which also includes major unground infrastructure work and resurfacing on Barkman Avenue. 

Rach says that crews are very close to completing that project. 

“The segment east of Penner Street, they have completed all of the concrete work and they are just waiting to do the asphalt paving, which should be completed by the end of the week. For the portion West of Penner, they are still completing the concrete works and then they will have the paving to do. We're anticipating that that should be complete and reopened to traffic by the end of next week.” 

Barkman Avenue and Henry Street intersectionThe second, diagonal intersection of Reimer Avenue and Henry Street will be permanently closed

Meanwhile Rach says crews have made good progress on Park Road West.  

The first phase, from EG Penner Building Centre to just past the old campground, was completed by the Langill Farm developer in mid-July. The city then hired the same contractor to twin and pave the road to just past Industrial Drive.  

Rach says that second phase is rolling along.  

“The land drainage and sewer has all been installed and all the base work has been completed. The next step would be to come in and do the concrete paving. That project, we were recently advised, is going to be on a short hiatus as the prime contractor waits for their sub-contractor to become available to do that paving. We're anticipating that to resume in a couple of weeks.” 

Rach says Park Road West should be fully re-opened to traffic by mid-October. 

Park Road constructionPark Road will be twinned and paved to just passed the Industrial Drive intersection

And, looking back, Rach says the Giesbrecht Street and Reimer Avenue East road resurfacing projects were completed without any hiccups. 

“I'd say that project went very well. We had some positive feedback from local residents that they wanted to pass along to the contractors for a job well done. Everything was completed well within schedule and yeah, there were no surprises, so I'd say that one was a success.”

Giesbrecht and ReimerReimer Avenue East and a good portion of Giesbrecht Street were resurfaced this year


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