Construction is now underway on several roadwork projects within the City of Steinbach. 

As we reported earlier this month, Giesbrecht Street from Woodhaven to Reimer and Reimer Avenue from Giesbrecht to Brandt are being resurfaced this year.  

City Engineer Aaron Rach says, “That is just spot curb repairs where there is damage and drainage issues and then the asphalt surface is milled down and resurfaced following that.”   

Anyone driving down Giesbrecht Street will have noticed that work has now begun with portions of the street having already been torn up. That work is contained to Giesbrecht at this moment, however, Reimer Avenue will be next. 

Two photos of roadwork on Giesbrecht Street Construction crews have begun tearing up sections of Giesbrecht Street

Meanwhile, construction has also begun on the Barkman Avenue East rebuild. Rach says this is a more significant project as the city is doing some major underground infrastructure work from Henry Street east toward Hespeler. Crews will also be closing one of the two intersections between Barkman Avenue and Henry Street as it is redundant. 

Residents and motorists in the area can expect the excavation of Barkman Avenue to take place in the near future. 

Two photos show work at Henry and ReimerResidents and motorists can expect the excavation of Barkman Avenue to begin shortly

And finally, the twinning and paving of Park Road West is starting to take shape. This project began in early September 2022, however, it was put on hold for winter. If you have had a chance to see the site recently, you will notice that the four future lanes are now identifiable, and crews have begun preparing them for concrete to be poured. 

Rach says the current work is being done by the Langill Farm developer and their portion of the project ends just west of the old campground. Later this summer, the city will extend the twinning and paving to just past Industrial Road. 

Construction workers prepare to pour concrete at the Park Road West extensionThe twinning of Park Road West is starting to take shape