Donations are still being accepted for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank through the Landmark Grow Project. 

Randy Plett is one of the committee members and he says they still hope to raise enough money locally to cover their cash expenses. 

“We had two pieces of land, and they were both seeded to wheat, and they yielded very well. They were both in areas that obviously received enough rain. We actually averaged 92 bushels an acre across the project, which was far better than we ever expected and we're very thankful for it.” 

The wheat was harvested on August 30th with 10 combines, 12 trucks, 3 grain cars and a lot of community support. 

The crop was then brought to an elevator and was sold for over $142,000. 

Plett says they still need to raise approximately $15,000 to cover cash expenses. This would then mean the entire sale of the crop would be donated to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. 

“And they use it to purchase grains across the world. I think it's mostly in African countries, Asian countries, and in South America.” 

Plett is grateful for the strong community support for the Landmark Grow Project, helping feed people around the world. He notes all the physical labour is donated and many people have contributed to the project by making cash donations to help cover the costs. 

This growing project has been happening every year since 1996 and Plett wants to see this continue as long as there are hungry people to feed. Having younger people join the committee gives him hope that there will always be community members who will make sure the project will keep going. 

Donations for the Landmark Grow Project can be made either through the Prairie Rose EMC in Landmark or by phoning Plett at 204- 346-2464. 


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