The Landmark Grow Project saw about ten combines on a 70 acre canola field Friday afternoon.

Spokesperson Matt Plett says the land used rotates between farmers in the area and this year it was on Larry Goossen's land. Plett adds the profits from selling the canola are given to the Food Grains Bank, who, in turn, help feed those who are hungry and undernourished in other parts of the world.

Plett says it's not hard to find help to harvest.

"You would think it would be [because] it's a busy time of year for everybody, but the community support has really been amazing. So, we call around, text a couple neighbours, and people are always happy to come out and help for a good cause volunteering labour, diesel and input."

Plett notes, if the land is able to produce about average yields, he thinks 2,000 to 3,000 bushel of canola will be harvested from the 70 acres.

As for the Food Grains Bank, he says it's a great organization that is not government funded, but is able to receive government support by matching donations 4:1. He adds the crop harvested each year is all through charitable donations to 100% of the profit is able to be donated to Food Grains Bank.