An online art auction is helping support the work being done at Wildlife Haven in Ile des Chenes. 

Executive Director Zoe Nakata says spring is typically a very busy time at the animal hospital and rehabilitation centre. 

“It’s been a pretty typical year in terms of patient volume and things like that. But we're really keen on seeing what develops probably starting in March, wondering if we'll see an early spring. An early spring can mean early migration, early babies. And for us, that just means that the uptake of patients and workload can ramp up quite a bit sooner. So, we're really trying to mobilize, raise some money, get our hospital ready to be there for the need.” 

This is their fourth annual online art auction and Nakata says this is their largest art collection to date with 160 pieces of carvings, paintings and photography.

A room filled with art displayed on tables, hanging on walls.(Photo Credit: 

She points out that one of the art pieces was created by Gus, an orphaned turkey vulture that came to Wildlife Haven after being found in the Southeast this past summer. 

“Raising a wild turkey without siblings is so difficult and we tried really hard to get him to develop those wild instincts, but it never quite worked. We knew that he wouldn't be able to survive out in the wild on his own so now he's got a nice place to live at Wildlife heaven. He's the star with our whole team and this is his painting debut.” 

Visit to register for the art auction which closes on Monday, February 19th at 9pm. 

All proceeds will help provide medical care to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife at the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre in 2024. 

-With files from Dave Anthony