The Steinbach Fire Department has responded to nearly twice as many calls this year related to carbon monoxide detectors. 

From 10 calls last year, that number has jumped to 18 so far this year. 

Fire chief Kel Toews says that the increase is probably a result of more new houses in our city. 

“Any new house has to have them,” he says. “That’s probably a big factor, that there’s more detection systems out there that we’re seeing in the newer homes. It’s the building code that you have to have one in there.” 

The Steinbach Fire Department has also responded to 21 building fires this year, an increase of 7 from 2021. 

“More and more, we’re getting kitchen fires,” Toews says. “Anytime part of the structure is on fire, so it could be kitchen cabinets that started from a stovetop fire, it’s categorized as a building fire.” 

In the first 11 months of this year, they have been called out 284 times. 

That is an increase of 36 calls from last year.