Taché fire crews were kept busy yesterday morning as the weather created a slick surface on roads in the Southeast.

Chief Allan Rau says their first call came shortly after 3am.

“A semi that struck the ditch on eastbound #1 that had a number of cattle in the back,” he says. “And then it just continued with more semis in various locations on the Trans-Canada going sideways, blocking all access for everybody to go down the highway.”

Taché fire crews help clear up the Trans-Canada Highway as semi drivers struggle to stay on the icy road. (Photo Credit: Jason Kroeker)

They tended to seven semis in the ditch yesterday before 9am when road conditions started to improve.

Rau says this spring is much different than last year when they were kept busy with grass fires.

"We’re probably at least three or four weeks away from possibly having our very first fire if we start seeing melting,” he says. “But the forecast for the long-range doesn’t look very good for us with an Alberta clipper possibly coming here. So that might defer it even more.”

Even though grass fire season might be a few weeks away, Rau says their equipment is ready and crews are prepared.