It has been a busy time for the La Broquerie Fire Department, responding to calls nearly every day since November 16th. 

Fire chief Alain Nadeau says they were called to a motor vehicle collision this past Friday night on Borland Road, which he notes could have been a lot worse than it was. 

“Somebody had got a flat tire on the narrow, paved road, on Borland Road,” he says. “If you have a flat tire during daylight, people will see you. But if you leave the car there at night, the car is not visible at all. That car needs to be removed before dark.” 

Nadeau is thankful nobody was killed in that collision. He notes both vehicles were totalled in the collision. 

“Then as we were coming home, we came home on Road 40 from the back, which is another paved road, Carriere Road. And sure enough, there was another one about a half a mile from 52. Abandoned car, it had hit a deer. The car was incapacitated, left right on the road, nobody inside. So, we had to push that car into the ditch until a tow truck picked it up.” 

The La Broquerie Fire Department responded to motor vehicle collisions on November 16th and 17th. Then on the 18th, they were called to a scene that turned out to be a controlled burn. 

On November 19th, at around 10:50pm, they responded to a structure fire at East Gate. 

“Turns out it was a detached garage, fully involved. It caused quite a bit of damage to the house. We got back from that at around 3am.” 

Then during the morning of November 21st, they were called to a collision at the intersection of 302 and 52. 

The following day, they responded to alarms sounding at a Hylife location, which turned out to be a false alarm. 

“And then Thursday, (November 23rd), a rollover at 210 and 36 with a stolen truck, the driver had escaped,” Nadeau reports. 

He says having a busier fire hall seems to help keep up morale and keeps fire fighters on their toes. 


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