Some farmers in the Steinbach area were pleasantly surprised by an 8-year-old boy on the field, delivering cookies and words of appreciation. 

Logan Penner of Mitchell enjoyed his time with the friendly farmers. 

He tells us how he and his dad ended up touring a few fields and making new friends. 

“We saw a couple of farmers and my dad said, ‘Hey, let’s go give some farmers cookies.’ Then he said, ‘If it wasn’t for farmers, we wouldn’t have food.’ So then, we brought them cookies.” 

His dad, Gregg, says it started as an opportunity to show appreciation and then it turned into an educational experience. 

“He asked a few questions, what a certain machine does, and then they asked him, ‘You want to go for a ride?’ And then the big smiles came out and he was gone.”

Logan and a farmer sitting in the cab of a farm implement on a field.Logan Penner enjoys time with farmers during seeding time, sharing cookies and smiles. Logan says he got to meet a lot of "fun farmers" and he really enjoyed his time with them. (Photo submitted by Gregg Penner)

Logan says it was fun getting to meet the farmers and learn about seeding and the machines they use, getting to ride some of them.

He heard that they were planting corn and how the seeds needed to be protected from disease, so they could grow into food. 

It’s important for people to know where their food comes from, says Gregg, and to learn about farming so that we can appreciate farmers and the work they do to feed us. 

(All photos submitted by Gregg Penner)