So far, 2021 has been a good year for construction in Steinbach.

In April the total value of building permits issued in the city reached $10.4M. Then in May, another $10.2M was added to the books.

Of that May total, Mayor Earl Funk says commercial and industrial development made up $5.9M and residential development accounted for $4.2M.

"We've got a couple of highlights here. $1.5M for the internal renovation of Sobeys, $1.4M for a cold-storage building on Commerce Drive, we have had numerous houses built, we have a warehouse on Industrial Road and another highlight is $1.5M for a warehouse on Hespeler Street."

Though there were no permits pulled for multi-family homes this past month, single- and two-family development boomed with construction beginning on 23 units.

Councillor Susan Penner notes there was also a lot of home improvement.

"What is also interesting is when you look at these numbers and what projects people are working on. There are so many upgrades to people's homes in terms of decks, pools, and sheds. We have all heard what is happening in the construction industry so you can see why there is such high demand for things like lumber when you see all of these projects that are happening."

From the first of January to the end of May, $30.4M in building permits have been issued in Steinbach and permits have been pulled for 86 dwelling units within the city including 55 single and two-family homes.

Funk adds, "Our community is just booming, we are having such a great year in development this year just looking forward to many more things that are happening in our community."