A boy on a bicycle has been taken to hospital following a collision with a car on the Brandt Street sidewalk in Steinbach late Friday morning.  

According to an eyewitness, the boy was biking on the sidewalk and was clipped and knocked over by a car leaving a parking lot. The witness says, fortunately, it was a fairly slow collision but it was still a scary situation. 

Both the Steinbach RCMP and local EMS responded to the incident and for a short while around 11:30 AM, the western-most, northbound lane of Brandt Street was closed to give emergency services space.  

The eyewitness says the child was with his mom and seemed to be doing relatively okay and was in good spirits all things considered. RCMP officers have talked to everyone involved.  

According to the eyewitness, the child involved in the collision was taken to hospital, though at this time, it is not known whether he sustained any injuries.