Get the SteinbachOnline Auction to do your bidding for you! 

When you're bidding on an item, or several items, in the SteinbachOnline Auction, you don't want to have to babysit your bid to see if anyone is outbidding you. That's where a PROXY BID comes into play. When you place a bid, you can also post the highest price you are willing to pay for that item. You are the only one that can see that number. But if someone outbids you, and their bid is lower than your proxy bid, you're still winning the bid on that item. If someone bids higher than your proxy bid, you will get a notification and decide whether to increase your maximum bid or move on to bid on other items. 

To see how to place a PROXY BID and get the SteinbachOnline Auction to do the bidding for you, watch this video. 


@steinbach_online Get the SteinbachOnline auction to do your bidding!!! Heres how. #steinbachonline #auction #winning #proxybidding ♬ original sound - SteinbachOnline