Anyone driving past Steinbach Bible College on Highway 12 North over the last few days has probably noticed a large construction crew. 

Steinbach's Head Engineer Aaron Rach says though it may look like a major infrastructure project, it's more of a maintenance item. 

“Residents will have noticed that there was a bump in the road over the winter at the Stone Bridge intersection. It was due to a water main break, so we had isolated that main and now we're in the process of performing the repair. A new line is being installed across the highway, it's being directionally drilled so there's no open cutting of the highway and traffic is maintained for the most part.” 

Fortunately, Rach says this is a fairly quick project. He notes the bulk of the work was completed Friday afternoon and all that is left is some testing and restorative landscaping. 

“I would anticipate that probably sometime next week, the testing will likely begin on Monday and then once everything has been confirmed to pass, the contractor will start demobilizing all their equipment.”