Watermain flushing is currently underway in Lexington Village.

Residents in the area have been asked to eliminate or reduce water usage between 8am and 5pm today. 

Mike Heppner, Waterworks Manager for the City of Steinbach, explains what watermain flushing is, and why they need to do it. 

“We set up a control device at a hydrant, and we can control the amount of flow that we have discharging from the watermain,” he says. “We've had some issues in those areas with some discoloration as a result of iron residual turning the water yellowish-orange.” 

When the city gets these types of situations or complaints, they go into the area to try and freshen up the water. 

Heppner explains how watermain flushing cleans the water. 

“Because of the higher flow volume that we pull out of the hydrant, it scours the pipe, flushes the pipe, and moves any of the sediment that may have built up on the interior, it pulls it out and discharges it.” 

He received report a couple of hours ago that crews were getting good results, and expects that it is likely that work is near completion. 

Heppner says it is unlikley that work would continue into tomorrow. 

“That would be a worse-case scenario. Usually in a subdivision that size we can clear it up within a day.” 


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