Generous community members are responding to a great need and supporting Steinbach Community Outreach (SCO) with Soap For Hope

Until 8 PM Thursday at Pharmasave in Steinbach, you can drop off unused donations of dish soap, laundry pods, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and hand soap. 

Charlene Kroeker with SCO says it’s great to see donations rolling in. 

“It's amazing how much has shown up in these first couple of hours. It's just absolutely fantastic to see the support we get from the community.” 

She says it’s a great opportunity to look through your cupboards for unused hygiene products. 

“Maybe you have a new item sitting in your cupboard that you haven't used yet, maybe somebody gave you something for Christmas and you're allergic to fragrances, bring it on over,” she says. “Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean somebody else can't use it. So we're happy to take your gifts, we'll take those off your hands. Anything that will make bubbles we will take.” 

Irene Kroeker with SCO says having leftover money in the budget for soap is simply not possible for many of the people in our community. 

“Somebody that's an individual on social assistance gets less than $900 a month, and they have to pay their rent, their hydro, and usually we encourage them to pay their phone, very difficult to work with somebody if they don't have a phone,” she says. “And you know how much rent is nowadays? It's definitely over $800, and all you get is not even $900. And so often they only have $20 leftover if they're lucky, sometimes they have nothing.” 

She says they need to get extra help from resources like SCO and South East Helping Hands. 

“And so then at least that helps them feed their children and helps them eat and get clean, which is really important.”  


Soap for Hope has begun and the donations are pouring in! Drop off your soap donations at Pharmasave in Steinbach until 8PM today!

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