The Ward Five Councillor for the Rural Municipality of Hanover says it was an easy decision. Darrin Warkentin is referring to the fact he has decided to run for another term on council, representing the Kleefeld area.

Warkentin was elected to council in 2018 and is wrapping up his first term. He says a number of projects and initiatives have happened over the last four years thanks in part to his involvement on council. For example, Warkentin says he has played a constructive role to ensure the revitalization of Kleefeld's Main Street. He notes five new businesses have set up shop, without the unnecessary red tape standing in the way of local entrepreneurs. He adds Kleefeld has also seen a complete renovation of its local grocery store, with additional commercial and residential development expected in the years to come. 

Warkentin says Kleefeld has experienced tremendous growth during his first term on council.

"As a community, we have experienced double-digit growth for four consecutive years, bringing new challenges and opportunities to our community," he adds. "Key to future growth will be continued proper management and oversight of drainage, an issue very important to me and I know to residents of our community."

Warkentin says he has also brought some safety improvements to Kleefeld, including walking paths and two crosswalks and lights on both Main Street and College Avenue.

The Kleefeld-area councillor says with growth comes an increased demand for child care. Warkentin says a group has started to establish a community daycare in Kleefeld and he is working with them to provide support in order to help make this initiative a reality. He notes it has also been great to support the Senior Resource program as it establishes itself, providing seniors with a venue for fitness and fellowship.

Warkentin says the last four years have been a good experience, noting what he has enjoyed the most is never knowing exactly what to expect and then dealing with whatever comes his way. 

If elected to a second term on October 26th, Warkentin says he has a few priorities he will focus on. He notes his main focus will be to continue with the walking path that was started down College Avenue. Warkentin says this is a multi-phased project and he is hoping to get to phase two and three in the near future. Another priority will be to continue helping bring a daycare to Kleefeld. And finally, Warkentin says he is committed to working with Kleefeld's first Local Urban District committee, noting the LUD will provide greater citizen oversight and input into projects taken on by the community. 

Warkentin says he is also excited about projects in the rural area, including drainage work and rebuilding gravel roads to accommodate development. 

"And we'll always strive to take care of the farm properties and the farming people that are out there, the people that are making their living off the land," adds Warkentin.