After many years of planning and deliberation, the Hanover School Board was able to finally award the tender for Steinbach’s new elementary school. 

The winning bid came from Penn-co Construction Canada (2003) LTD at $39,740,119 plus applicable taxes. 

The new K-4 school will be built in the west part of Steinbach

“We’re in the permit process right now, digging of the ground will start in the near future, sod-turning ceremony in the near future,” says Superintendent Shelley Amos. “We’re very thrilled to finally have boots on the ground.” 

It was two years ago that the province announced funding for this school, but there were many discussions at the board level for the past couple of decades. 

After school trustees awarded the tender during Thursday’s meeting, chair Ron Falk talked about the history of this new facility. 

“A few decades ago, the board also owned property in that direction of town and actually gave it up because there was no hope at that time of getting a new school in that area,” he told trustees. “And now this is actually happening many, many years later. It's a large school and it's going to be beautiful as all new schools are. Looking forward to all that's involved in the final planning of the school.”