Land has been officially set aside in Steinbach for another school. City council Tuesday approved a rezoning request for a school site in the Parkhill subdivision located on the north side of Mckenzie Avenue, about one kilometre west of Highway #12. The specific location is to the west of Glacier Bay. Mayor Chris Goertzen advised council this something that has been on the city's wish list for more than two decades.

"Council, we do have in front of us, something significant. That is a school site proposal for the west side of the community. This is something that has been talked about for 25 or more years. We're actually seeing this come to fruition, although this doesn't mean the school will certainly be built because this will require other levels of government funding it. But, none-the-less, having the land secured and identified is important."

The Manitoba government is the sole funder of new schools and any decision to build a school is made by the Public Schools Finance Board.

Goertzen says it's his understanding this would be an elementary school but adds that is up to the Hanover School Division and the province to determine.