Susan Doerksen

The newly created Hanover School Division ward of Mitchell-Blumenort-Landmark has its first candidate for the election this fall. Susan Doerksen of Mitchell is a mom of three kids who grew up in the division. She explains why she wants to serve on the school board.

"Just volunteering in my son's classrooms, being able to be there and work with the teachers and see the awesome things they do every day, I just want to be more deeply involved with what's going on in their education and the running of the schools."

Doerksen says Hanover is a wonderful division but feels there is room for the school board to improve.

"I feel that we have an incredibly strong division. I'm very grateful for it and I believe we have a lot of great people already working there. There are great staff and great teachers here. I would love to offer my support further. I want to continue ensuring the strong values in the Hanover area are still uplifted in our communities."

Doerksen says the board could also do better in being attuned to teachers and parents.

"I'd love to improve upon the voices of the parents and the teachers, for them to be heard in some of the decision-making and some of the processes. I would love to really empower them and bring out their voices more strongly."

While Doerksen’s primary focus has been the raising of her children, she has been an active volunteer for several years in southeast Manitoba having volunteered time with the Relay for Life, Southeast Helping Hands, the Bethesda Foundation, the Steinbach Arts Council and the Children’s Wish Foundation. Most recently she spends time volunteering for Steinbach Community Outreach.

Doerksen is also well known for her love of music and being a member of local country band McKenzie Road.