From babies to teens, every child wants a gift to open on Christmas morning. 

Luckily, with your help, we can make that happen for countless children throughout the Southeast. 

Just stop by Canadian Tire for Toys Days and donate a toy. 

Toy coordinator, Joanne Dyck, says they have a large number to beat. 

“Last year we gave out over 1600 toys, so we're going to be looking for more than that this year.” 

They collect gifts for ages 0-17, so they use the term “toy” loosely. 

When Dyck was asked about what kinds of gifts would be good to donate for teenagers, she replied. 

“Gift cards are awesome, blankets, journals, sports things, hair things, water bottles.”  

She notes they receive fewer donations for babies and teens than they do for the years in between. 

“We need a lot of baby gifts this year. Also, teens are also kind of a big challenge every year.” 

Toys Days is running today, November 30th, and tomorrow, December 1st from 8am to 8pm at Canadian Tire in Steinbach. 


with files from Michelle Sawatzky