This weekend, we will be switching from Daylight Saving Time back to Standard Time as our clocks fall back one hour early Sunday morning. 

Though gaining an hour may be easier to deal with than losing an hour, Jo Anne Dalton from Steinbach Family Resource Centre says the change in schedule can still throw kids off. 

“Kids are very sensitive to changes in their sleep and changes in their day-to-day routine.” 

Dalton says the best thing to do is prepare your kids by adjusting their schedule in the week leading up to time change. If that hasn't been done, they're going to need a lot of love and patience for the next few days. 

“You're definitely going to notice kids who have lost a little bit of sleep.” She adds “Over something that wouldn't normally bother them, they may be more emotional. They will probably need a little bit more reassurance and physical touch and connection to be able to work through those emotions that are closer to the surface when they are missing a little bit of sleep.” 

And it’s not just a tough time for kids. Leane Janz from Good N' Natural says the shift in schedule and the stress that can come with it, combined with the general lack of daylight this time of year can be a shock to the system. She adds Seasonal Affective Disorder is no joke. 

“Get outside as much as we can. Fresh air and sunshine is huge, but most of us can have the added benefit of a supplement with vitamin D. It's affordable, it's safe from babies up to seniors. Very easy to do, and it can make a difference.” 

Daylight Saving Time will come to an end at 2 AM Sunday morning, at which point the clock will fall back to 1 AM.