The head of the Carillon Minor Baseball Association says he is amazed by the talent in their organization this year. 

Co-President Louis Cote says all of their community teams are now organized, practicing, and preparing for the start of their regular season next week. He notes the league is as popular as ever. 

“Registration is great again. We are back to our numbers from pre-COVID. That was one of the concerns with the two years of a modified season that we would lose numbers, but we are right back to where we were and lots of communities are offering the sport again which is great.” 

Cote adds “Coaches are very excited too. We are doing our coach's clinics to get them ready for the season so that is very exciting.” 

The community baseball season runs from mid-May to the end of June and then the regional, high-performance Carillon Sultans program will run over that same time but could play as late as August if their teams end up at the nationals or westerns like they did last year.  

With that in mind, Cote says they just wrapped up try-outs for their high-performance teams and Junior Sultans this past weekend. 

“The talent level is at the highest it has ever been which makes it very difficult when you have to release a kid from a program because they are not as good as the other 13 players on the team, but they are also much better than the players we had in these spots four or five years ago. Our younger evaluators cannot believe the talent they are seeing compared to when they were playing on our high-performance teams.” 

The Carillon Minor Baseball Association fields high-performance 13U, 15U, and 18U teams at both the AA and AAA levels. Cote says these regional teams play in Winnipeg and also have a chance to play province-wide. 

“This is extra, all these players still play community baseball. This is an add-on for players who want a little more baseball.” 

Cote notes the fields have been looking good now that we are into warmer spring weather and the league is itching for the gameplay to begin.