Welcome back to Made in Manitoba on Thanksgiving weekend, when we welcome back The Janzen Boys to the program for the second time this year.

The harmony-singing family that loves folk, roots and traditional country is re-releasing its first CD "Roads" with new instrumentation and vocals from the three band members... dad John and sons Mick and Simon. The original album is nearly a decade old, and Mick was just 9 and Simon 13 when "Roads" was first recorded, so you can imagine the boys' sound has changed quite a bit over the past ten years. The re-release is simply titled "Backroads", and also has new album art, too.

The re-issue is just one part of the story. The other part is the Janzen Boys are currently giving "Backroads" away for FREE (just pay shipping), along with a handwritten letter. The hope is the promotion will introduce more people to their music. Alongside their latest appearance on Made in Manitoba!

We connected with John, Simon and Mick to talk about the creative process of reliving the production of the album over again, but with ten more years of life experience behind them.

Along the way, we'll be sharing the updated and new sounding songs from "Roads", so stick around. It's the Janzen Boys on Made in Manitoba, and we get started after this.