The Mayor for Tache says he is hopeful that in 2024 they will break ground on a new community centre in Lorette. 

Armand Poirier says that project definitely made for one of the more significant outcomes of 2023. In late January, Premier Heather Stefanson announced $3.6 million in provincial funding towards the project, which will include an arena and a library. Then, in September, as part of a campaign promise, NDP Leader Wab Kinew made a stop in Lorette and announced that under an NDP government, that centre would be built. Two weeks later, Kinew and the NDP won the provincial election. Poirier says that project will soon go to tender. 

Poirier says 2023 also saw a lot of personnel changes within the municipality. For example, he notes in mid-October their Chief Administrative Officer Christine Hutlet left to take on a similar position for the Town of Beausejour. This led to the eventual hiring of Ken Allen, who will be taking over in mid-February. Other personnel changes in 2023 included Tache Fire Chief Allan Rau taking over as Emergency Coordinator and Lesley Gaudry being named Economic Development Officer

Poirier says they began the year by procuring 120 acres of aggregate property in the Ste. Genevieve area to offset the property that was seized by Manitoba Hydro to accommodate the construction of Bipole 3. 

"We began the year by doing that," he says. "It was a significant investment."

Also in 2023, Poirier says the Sio Silica sand extraction project east of Anola, generated a fair bit of attention in his municipality. He notes the RM of Tache is known to have some of the best reserves of silica sand beneath the soil. However, he says most of these reserves are in heavily populated areas and therefore, not fit to extract. Poirier says the proposed project east of Anola creates concerns for how this might impact water quality in surrounding municipalities.

"We've been active all along trying to ensure that if and when this does come to fruition that we have guarantees that none of our resources will be affected adversely," adds Poirier.

Meanwhile, Poirier says there were many other highlights in 2023. For example, he says the Economic Development Officer is currently working on a study for seniors housing in the municipality. Also, the Centre of Canada park group adopted a strategic plan this last year. And finally, he says Thrifty Treasures in Lorette donated $30,000 to the Tache Food Resource Centre.

Looking ahead to 2024, Poirier says it should be any day now when the municipality accepts the keys for the new daycare in Lorette.


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