Another daycare is coming to Lorette.
On Thursday, the provincial and federal governments included Lorette on the list of 14 communities that will be getting a ready-to-move daycare building as part of the joint funding announcement.

"Today is an exciting moment for the childcare community," says Melissa Marion, Director of the Tache Community Daycare. "Every child deserves a safe, inclusive, high-quality early learning program."

Melissa Marion at Thursday's announcementMelissa Marion at Thursday's announcement

According to Tache Mayor Armand Poirier, the Tache Community Daycare has more than 200 children on its waitlist. Lorette has been approved for 74 new spaces.

"They will be filled as soon as the facility opens," he notes.

Poirier says the daycare will go up at 624 Seine Avenue. He notes this is vacant property along the river, behind the former RM office. 

"Property that the RM has owned since the beginning of time but has never been developed," he explains. "Beautiful piece of land with lots of potential and it's going to bring a lot of happy voices of the children playing there in the back and really add to our downtown area."

The way the agreement works is the RM must supply the land and then a ready-to-move daycare will move onto that site. The RM then cannot charge rent for at least 15 years.

Poirier says the new child-care spaces will open up opportunities for community members.

"Enabling them to put their children in daycare close to home and fully participate in the workforce," he says. "I would like to thank the governments of Canada and Manitoba for working together with us to make these new ready-to-move daycares a reality to provide more options for families in Tache."

Poirier says this is an indirect form of economic development, giving people many opportunities which right now they cannot pursue. 

The Mayor says with a targeted opening of December, the building will likely be moved onto that site in September or October. 

"It definitely takes a village to raise a child and today's announcement shows we have an incredible village and support system," adds Marion.