The Hanover School Board was given an update this week on plans for the new elementary school in the west part of Steinbach. 

Trustee Danielle Funk chairs the committee overseeing the project and offered an update at the public board meeting Tuesday evening. 

“We’ve reviewed the building floor plans with limited changes from the previous review,” Funk reported. “And then we reviewed and chose from our options the interior and exterior signage which includes placement and materials that would be used.”  

Superintendent Shelley Amos is optimistic they will soon have approval from the province. 

“And then, of course, we can make a big announcement once that happens and go to tender,” she says. “So, we’re really hopeful that will happen in the next couple of months.” 

Two years ago, the Manitoba Government officially committed to building a new K-4 school in Steinbach

It will be located in Parkhill Place, between McKenzie Avenue and Abe’s Hill.