Ten years ago, Hanover School Division added a new middle school to the roster. Clearspring Middle School became the second middle school in Steinbach, and Ron Falk, a trustee from the division finds it “hard to believe.” 

“It's crazy how time flies,” said Falk. “The number of students who've gone by it through in these ten years, it's probably in the area of 5000 students. It's remarkable.” 

In addition to celebrating 10 years of Clearspring Middle School, a new K-to-four school in Steinbach is currently in the planning stages. As of now, the timeline and the opening date are indefinite.  

For budgeting, Falk says that it’s a work in progress, but presumes that the school will cost between $25 million to $30 million and accommodate around 500 students.  

With the creation of a new school, the use of space and the colour-coding at Clearspring Middle School will be something that the division looks to. More specifically, with space, the gymnasium and the multipurpose room have sliding doors that allow the rooms to expand, which comes in handy for events such as Christmas and Spring concerts.  

Falk also notes that when it opened, it was a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold School, a Canadian rating system for highly efficient buildings. 

“A lot of great ideas and great things that have come together here at Clearspring Middle School,” Falk said. “It was certainly a school at that time that was kind of leading edge in many ways and we continue to see things come from this school and the concept here that we can incorporate in other schools.”