The summer brings many things, among them, an influx of cyclists on the roads, RCMP caution drivers and cyclists to be aware of each other.

Steinbach’s RCMP Community Constable, Dennis Redikop says he wants to prevent any harmful accidents before they happen. He reminds motorists: “Cyclists can be unpredictable, so when somebody is riding a bike, slow down and make sure you are paying attention.”

Redikop indicates there is often confusion about whether biking on sidewalks is allowed or not. He states: “Any tires over sixteen inches in diameter should bike on the roadway. If you are older than grade four, a good rule of thumb is that you don’t bike on sidewalks”.

Bicyclists who enjoy the roadway, Redikop notes, should remain close to the curb, and follow the same rules as the motorists.

“Anyone under the age of 18 is it mandatory to wear a helmet, and for those over 18 it is still encouraged”, adds Redikop, “for we all become clumsy at one point and fall.”

Redikop hopes people take advantage of the warm sunny weather and suggests biking is a great way of doing that, primarily, however, he wants people to remain safe.