The Niverville High School is the only school in the Hanover division to offer the Interactive Digital Media program, and it is gaining attention. 

When the new school opened, the new course was offered for the first time in the community. 

“We were able to offer a vocational course which was different than anything else that we had offered in the division and still are not offering anywhere else,” says Hanover School Board Chair Ron Falk. “And it's a fantastic course that just started from Ground Zero with the day the school opened up there with the grade nine students and just working its way up, so now we’re in the fourth year of the program.” 

Falk is hearing positive reports on the course, from staff as well as students. 

“The kids are excited to be working with digital animation, digital games,” he says. 

Falk adds that it is good to see students looking forward to learning new skills that will serve them well after graduation. 

“It’s a great opportunity for kids to be able to do that in class, in school, and graduate and have a potential at the workforce of doing something that they absolutely love doing.” 

These students will graduate high school with more than a diploma, he notes. 

“When they graduate, they have a complete portfolio of all the work they've done digitally, and it's fantastic for some of them who will be moving on to Red River (college) and other opportunities. It's fantastic.”