It appears the hot weather we have been experiencing the last week is a sign of things to come.

David Phillips with Environment Canada has issued his summer weather outlook for the months of June, July and August. He says their models are pointing towards a summer that is warmer than normal for southern Manitoba.

According to Environment Canada, the temperature in Steinbach has reached at least 30 degrees four of the last six days. And their forecast is calling for Steinbach to reach at least 30 degrees in each of the next seven days. That means, Steinbach could see a stretch of 13 days where 11 of them hit 30 degrees.

"Which is quite remarkable," he says. "This may very well be the longest stretch of summer-like weather all summer."

The normal high for this time of year is 23 degrees. 

As for precipitation, Phillips admits it is always difficult to forecast how much rain will fall over a three-month period. However, he says Environment Canada is calling for a summer in southern Manitoba that is also dryer than normal. Having said that, Phillips says there are some opportunities for precipitation this week in this part of the province. 

"They are low percentages, 30 per cent, but nevertheless I'm sure one or two of those days we're going to get some precipitation," he predicts. "We need it of course and with those higher temperatures, it means that the evaporation is taking place."

Phillips says humidex values are not as high right now because there has not been a lot of precipitation to evaporate. He notes this time of year it is more of a desert heat in Manitoba because the crops are still quite small and not emitting much moisture into the atmosphere. 

According to Phillips, the weather pattern currently over southern Manitoba is what they would call a 'block.' He notes it is like a gridlock of weather. That is because of the area of high pressure sitting on top of us which is preventing any storms from coming our way.