Building permits in Steinbach have hit just over $24 million for 2024, with $14.9 million in residential, and $9.2 million in commercial.  

Steinbach's building permits in April were almost entirely residential, with just under $5 million issued for residential, and only $130,000 issued for commercial.  

Mayor Earl Funk says it feels good to finally have a month where the City is seeing heavy residential, noting Steinbach has a 1 percent vacancy rate. He explains what that means.

“If you go to Reimers Agencies, they might not even have an apartment for you. You might need a two-bedroom apartment and they might only have a one-bedroom.”  

He says it’s great to see the residential numbers growing, as it gives people more housing options.  

“What's going to happen is, as we build more residential, we'll have options for people to live. It's not just about houses, but it's also options for where you can live and what you can live in.”  

Funk notes it’s also great news when building permits are heavy in commercial.

“Because commercial draws people because it has jobs for them. But now the fact that the residential is catching up that tells me we've got houses for those people to live in so they can stay in Steinbach.”  

For the month of April, 18/22 of the residential permits issued are for single-family and two-family units, while the other four are multifamily.  

“I do know that there is some multifamily being worked on, but I think we have about 600 lots in the inventory, and the majority of them are two and one family dwellings,” says Funk. “We do need multifamily, there are lots of multifamily lots available, it's just a matter of them being built on. But right now, if the market is being driven by single-family and two-family dwellings, so be it. I'm not the one that sets the market, the market sets itself.”