A young ringette player with the Steinbach Panthers got first place in the hardest shot. 

Jillian Plett recently participated in the Winnipeg Ringette League: U14 Skills Competition and competed in Hardest Shot.  

She earned first place with her hardest shot being 76 kilometers per hour. 

Plett says each competitor had three throws, and throughout the event, the competitors weren’t able to see the speed of any of the throws until the final results were announced. 

“You got to take three shots and then they'd record your hardest one.”  

She says she was not expecting to get first. 

“I was shocked. I did not think I was going to win.” 

This is Plett’s third year playing ringette and she loves the sport. 

“I love it. I love how fast the game is and I love to play with my friends, and it’s such a fun sport.” 

Plett put in some practice before participating in the event. 

“We have a rink in our backyard, so over the break, I've been practicing.” 

The Steinbach Panthers had their own skills competition to see who would get to go and in what categories, which is how she was elected. 

The Winnipeg Ringette League: U14 Skills Competition held a ceremony, and Plett was able to walk away with her Hardest Shot Champion trophy.

Jillian Plett's Hardest Shot Trophy

The Steinbach Panthers still have lots of games ahead of them this season, including playoffs, a Steinbach tournament, and Provincials. 


With files from Carly Koop