From 2023 to 2024, Steinbach McDonalds saw a huge increase in money raised on McHappy Day. 

Operations Manager Jonathan Telega says turnout for McHappy Day on Wednesday was incredible. 

“Last year we raised, in Steinbach, $5,991.95 and this year we raised $9,638.50, it was a 61% growth year over year. So, I was really quite pleased with the results and the turnout in the community of Steinbach It was fantastic.” 

Telega says his team at McDonalds really stepped up this year.  

“We were just really doing a better job this time of engaging with guests. We also had some great draws in the restaurant, we had a raffle that was going on that people were able to participate, and I think this generosity of people was at a higher level this year than it was last year.” 

a woman pasts a heart to a wallPatrons could purchase hearts with the proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House Charities

Many of the prizes up for grabs were donated by local businesses. Telega notes “We simply went around and asked for some prizes to support a good cause and the community answered back. Tons of engagements from people, community members as well as business owners.” 

Telega says the Steinbach McDonalds was buzzing with activity all day long. And, of course, he says the whole day is about raising money for Ronald McDonald House Charities, keeping rural families together when they have a sick or injured child at the Health Science’s Centre Children’s Hospital. 

“When we think about those small kids, you never want to think about them suffering, so anything that we can do to help support families is definitely something that we want to do on a regular basis. Just really proud of the team, really thankful for the City of Steinbach and just how people connected with a charity that means so much to all of us, it says a lot.” 

With such amazing turnout, Telega says “For me it was a very proud day.”