Firefighters from all over the province are in Steinbach this weekend for the Manitoba Firefighters Provincial Curling Championship. 

Joey Harms with the Steinbach Fire Department says they are excited to play host this year.  

“Basically, this event gives the opportunity for fire departments all across Manitoba to come out and compete and the winner of this curling championship will actually represent Manitoba at the Nationals in Moosomin, Saskatchewan coming this March. “ 

Harms says Steinbach last hosted the Manitoba Firefighters Provincial Curling Championship five or six years ago and they jumped at the opportunity when it came up this time around noting “it's a great opportunity to share some camaraderie amongst firefighters across the province.” 

Dan Michalchuk with the Manitoba Firefighters Curling Association says this championship has been held annually for 62 years now and it’s a really special event. 

“I've always wanted to be a competitive curler, which is maybe past my time so this is just the next best thing I can do and I can actually be part of it and organize it to mimic professional curling because it is very competitive. Everyone in this provincial championship in Steinbach this weekend has curled probably their whole life and competitively at some point in their life. So, the competition is first class.” 

Michalchuk echoes Harms, noting the connection and camaraderie is incredibly valuable.  

The opening ceremonies were held Friday morning at 11:30 AM, but Harms says the tournament actually started earlier on. 

“It's going to be a full day Friday starting at 9:30 going throughout the day with several matches and then a dinner that we're going to be hosting. We've got a band coming for a bit of a mini social at the curling club Friday night and then Saturday quarter finals and finals will occur and then Saturday evening is when the champion will be will be crowned.”