A local organization is stepping in to help after a homeless camp was found behind a business in Steinbach.

Irene Kroeker from Steinbach Community Outreach says there are many places in Steinbach that are appealing to people who are homeless.

While running errands on Wednesday morning, Kroeker’s keen eyes caught sight of an outdoor home that was set up among some bushes.

"It’s a nice shady spot," she says. "It’s very well protected. And they have a tent and they have all kinds of wonderful things down there to survive. And there was laundry hanging there, and so I think they are quite comfortable there."

Regardless of comfort, Kroeker says it’s not acceptable to set up a home on someone else’s property. She plans to build trusting relationships with the occupants and help them find more permanent housing, and see what can be done to help them in all areas of daily living.

When there are conversations with people who are homeless, Kroeker says ideas and dreams come to light.

"We have dreams of having like, tiny homes set up. Oh, we’ve dreamed of all kinds of things. Even campers, if anybody has camper they’re not using and is old and they can’t sell...we have places we would love to put them so they at least have a roof over their head."

Kroeker says people who don’t have a home, often don’t ask for much; just a basic shelter.

Today House is an emergency shelter in Steinbach and Kroeker says it’s usually full. This means people who are living on the streets tend to use all their energy to survive and stay warm enough. When they arrive at Community Outreach during the day, she says it’s common for someone to take a nap in one of the quiet rooms located off to the side.